User Manual for Agent Address Change
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Developed by PCC Technology Group
CONCORD Home Page:

The CONCORD Home Page, as illustrated below, will appear after the user successfully accesses the system by typing in the URL
WWW.CONCORD-SOTS.CT.GOV/CONCORD.  This page will display a welcome message and other appropriate information that relates to the Commercial Recording Division.  From this page you may select several options:




The Application Forms Menu section of the CONCORD home page provides access to the online forms as listed below in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). You may enter the information, print and complete the forms for filing with State of Connecticut.


·        Connecticut Stock Corp.

·        Connecticut Nonstock Corp.

·        Foreign Corp. – Stock and Nonstock

·        Religious Corp. or Societies

·        Limited Liability Companies

·        Limited Liability Partnerships

·        Limited Partnerships

·        Statutory Trusts

·        Uniform Commercial Code

·        Trade and Service Mark

·        Connecticut Partnership


The system is designed to have the same look and feel as most Windows based applications and web sites. Anywhere in the system you can return to the CONCORD home page by clicking the Home Icon located at the top of the page or by clicking the CONCORD Home link from the login page or by clicking the Website URL from the bottom of the page within the customer portal.


The below IMPORTANT NOTICE is displayed once user clicks "File Documents" button from homepage, click "Click To Acknowledge" to continue to select user type screen.



Select User Type:


1) An Express User / Without Account Setup?
     This process will directly take you to respective filing options without login creation.
2) An Advanced User / With Account?
     This process will take you to customer login screen



An Advanced User / With Account.

If you click on 'An Advanced User / With Account?' button the following screen appears as shown below. Please fill the customer information.


File Documents:  On the Online Filings sub-menu of the CONCORD main menu, you may select File Agent Address Change or Help.  Click on ‘Help’ brings you to this user guide.


 File Agent Address Change:


Login to your account.

Navigate to the Online Services Menu and click the link “Agent Address Change” as shown below.

The Search Business screen shown below will appear.




Please enter the Business Name or Business Id and click the “Search Business” button to search for the business

Click the “Back” button to return to the Welcome Screen



The fields that are displayed in the above screen are explained below:



Business Name

100-character alphanumeric.  A list of companies meeting the name criteria you enter is displayed.

Business ID

7-character numeric. The business with matching business ID is displayed.


The status of the selected business:






       Expired Reservation




       Reserved Cancel








Click the “Back” button to return to the “Search Business” screen

Click on the “Continue” button navigates to Business Information screen as shown below.



Edit agent business address and agent residence address for any changes.

Click the “Back” button to return to the “Select Business” Screen.

Click the “Continue” button, which will display the Agent Address Confirmation screen.



Authorizer Details




Name of Authorizer

The name of the person authorizing the filer to do the filing on behalf of the business.  This field must be filled in to proceed.

Capacity of Authorizer

The role of the authorizer in the business.  For a corporation, the authorizer must be one of the named principals of the business.  This field must be filled in to proceed.


Select the Confirmation option and enter the Authorization Details.

If the Confirmation option is "Yes" and click on "Continue" button, which will take you to the Payment Information screen.

If the Confirmation option is "No" and click on "Continue" button, which will take you to the Search Business screen.

Click the “Back” button to return to the “Business Information” Screen.



Enter your credit card information.

Click on the ‘Back’ button clears your input and returns to the Address Change Confirmation Screen.

Click on the ‘Pay securely using Credit Card’ button causes the Review Filing screen to appear as shown below.


Review the information for accuracy.  You may select ‘Edit Agent Info’, or ‘Edit Payment Info’ to make corrections as appropriate. 

Click on the ‘Back’ button returns you to the Payment Information screen.

Click the ‘File Agent Change of Address’ button to file the agent address changes.

The Filing Status screen will appear as shown below.



Click on the ‘Done’ button takes to the Welcome screen.

Click the “View Filed Report” link, which will display the filed report information as shown below.




You can also print a copy of this report by clicking the ‘Print’ link at the top.

You can exit by clicking Logout.